Gunnar Storm

Human - Male - Ship's Captain


Gunnar Storm is 6’4" tall with brown hair and short full beard. He is tall and skinny and about 30 years old. Gunnar grew up on Canoit, an outer rim planet with a significant star port.

Gunnar was fascinated with space travel and joined the crew of the freighter, “Nova Eclipse” at the age of 14. After about 15 years, He worked his way up to first mate. When the Captain Aro Jaris died of mysterious circumstances, Gunnar strongly believed the Captain’s nephew, Pir Jaris and the other crew members murdered the captain and intended on taking the ship. When they reached their destination, Gunnar took the ship, and left the corrupt crew behind.

Reaching Nar Shadda, he met the Hutt, Sinasu and made a deal to change the ship in appearance and transponder signature and start his own company. Gunnar named the ship Stormchaser.  

Gunnar soon recruited his own crew: the droid, CZ-90 (trader/ negotiator), the Trandoshan, (First mate/ muscle), and the married Duros couple, Forim and Rana Nabeck (mechanic & medic. After working together about a year, the Duros resigned from the ship’s crew to raise a family.

Last week, the Stormchaser landed on Nar Shadda to conduct some business with Sinasu. While waiting to see the Hutt, Gunnar met and signed on to the crew, the sister and brother team of Jace and Jaxsun Marstellar to act as the ship’s new Navigator & Mechanic, informing them to report to the ship at the beginning of the week. After obtaining a job from Sinasu, Gunnar returned to Stormchaser and informed “Scuzzy” and about the crew addition and the job.

That weekend, Gunnar left the ship to visit a nearby watering hole…he has yet to return.

Gunnar is chaotic good, and has a soft heart but is not opposed to cutting corners from time to time or skirting the edges of the law. His primary motivation is to make credits to get a better ship(s) and increase the size of his company. He wants to expand his operations to mid rim and ultimately core. Gunnar is handy with a blaster, and an excellent freighter pilot. He sometimes struggles with people skills and is therefore urgently looking for a crew member skilled at bartering and diplomacy.

Gunnar Storm

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